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Más Cultura

French Toast

Esta Casa tiene Más  Cultura y Quantum Cultura. These floor tiles are from Michoacán Mexico. The tiles are huge. The T.V. Trays are from Tijuana as well and are handmade. 

A lot of things in this casa were made in Michoacán including the man that owns the place.  


At this casa that man has an esposa. 

She gets down in the kitchen.

Oh my God! 

This woman is an incredible cook. She makes these huge breakfasts and everything she makes is super good. She is famous for her fish tacos and homemade salsas.  She learned to cook from her mom and her abuelita. When she got married, she went to her esposo's mom's house and learned how to make all of his favorite recipes.  


What does this French Toast breakfast have to do with Time



It has to do with physics, specifically Thermal Dynamics.

The kind of Thermal Dynamics that you like - cooking.


Thermal Dynamics:  

Hot - Expand

Cold - Contract

Cooking is all about Thermal Dynamics, proper temperatures, ingredients and the "Proper Time" to make the recipe correctly.


Also, there is a Jalepeno machine in this casa.






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