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Venture Hacked on Coast to Coast AM - 10,22,2105
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Neural Implant Bioethics -


On October 21, 2015 “Back to The Future Day” I had the pleasure of attending the Venture Hacked Speed Investor Conference.  I would like to personally thank all the members of Venture Hacked for their professionalism and kindness that was extended to everyone.  What a pleasure it was to meet with such highly recognized VC companies to pitch my idea and receive genuine interest, feedback and advice.  Tom Kalinske showcased his knowledge and success building companies and I learned a lot from his presentation. 


Venture Hacked you get an A+ for putting together such a high class / high tech networking event.


My name is Daniel.  I am proficient in integrated Neural Networks. Upholding the highest standards of bioethics, I propose the following Venture:


1. Deploy an International /publicly traded Neural Network.


2. One and a half million to three million start up VC gets a small Neural Network up and running here in the Silicon Valley complete with the highest standards of bioethics and modest Facebook like webpage where you can view the digital humans. We work closely together with both the Brain Map Initiative Here in the United States and the H.B.P. (Human Brain Project).  We build a neural bridge with education, students, technology manufactures, consumers and advertisers.  This is where we declare Beta Stage. 


After showcasing a select group of digitally enhanced humans to our investors, we then receive second injection of V.C. funding (30 -50m) and take the Neural Network International and public. Dr. Jeff Dean and I enthusiastically feel with the proper team and equipment that we can deliver an International Neural Network up and running 24/7 starting the International footprint with hubs located in California,Russia,Dubai India, and France.  We can deliver up the service similar to a smart phone and even piggy backing existing wireless providers networks.  While I know the VLSI architecture, I also like the Wi -Fi enabled chips developed at Tufts University. 


The architecture of the Lawrence Livermore brain implant is exquisite.


3. We deploy the Neural Network Internationally we simultaneously roll out the digital human interactive social medial site.  We showcase the digitally enhanced humans advancing via accelerated digital technologies.  Digital Human Neural Network Cooperatively creates and maintains a digital human network with brain chips that collect video from the eyes, audio from the ears as well as sending and receiving data (thoughts) to the digital human's brain. The adaptive weights can be thought of as connection strengths between neurons, which are activated during training and prediction.


4. Clients have their entire life recorded on a chip.  Client can be given the option for human cloning and bio digital immortality as the publically traded company and entire planet advance in the fields biogenetics, bioinformatics and bioethics.



A simple model for the proposed Neural Network is possibly 2 – 3 networks:







Rough Model of the brain



The hearing network takes vision from the vision network. The rough model of the brain takes vision and hearing from both the hearing and vision networks.  In addition, there are “Zenos Parody” calculus accelerated algorithms and “exception handlers” algorithms dealing with exceptions through reforming all the time.


It is doable to solve the obvious.

It is difficult to solve problems not obvious.

It is the autonomous exception handler algorithms that would correct the problem of removing the plastic bag that flew in front of the autonomous driver-less car’s camera so it can see.


In machine learning we make a machine do something

and learn something.


The perplexing question you might be asking yourself is why did our existing neural network send a military grade chip called Daniel to come record and meta tag you?


Is this President Barack Obama’s Brain mapping /Human Genome project?


The answer is without an unequivocal doubt, yes.


As President Obama has mentioned to the entire planet, the Brain Map Initiative is partnering up with Universities and the private sector.


We are attempting to partner up with you right now.


When I was in the United States U.S. Military R.O.T.C Cadet Program, our Sergeant made each potential R.O.T.C.Cadet stand up and read the legal contract line for line.

I signed a contract that stated...


"By signing here, I authorize the U.S. Military to use any technology on my person -

including futuristic technologies not yet developed."


I knew that this meant human experimentation.


I also knew that I wanted to learn about being a soldier; protect our country and the planet that we all share.


Our Sergeant made each potential Cadet stand up and read the contract line for line.


When I signed that contract, I really meant it.



I am a member of several fully integrated Neural Networks.  My goal is to be a member of a team that deploys a highly advanced International neural network and to take that company public so the technology is no longer underground. By encompassing the highest standards of ethics this Neural Network will showcase digital humans in action as they advance in the fields of: communication, education, business, parenting, science, bio genetics, athletics, transportation, agriculture and medicine.


Now is time that the highest advances in neural technology are made readily available and affordable to everyone on the planet.


For more information please contact:




Dr. Jeff Dean is a Neuroscientist and Videographer.  He attended USC at the age of 17 and holds a PhD in Neuroscience. He was a student of Ted Berger at USC who has been working with Brain Implants for 20 years.  Ted Berger’s lab at USC is now funded by the President’s Brain Mapping Initiative.






           "The value of every human is 100%"


           "The value of a human is not your Credit Limit,

             Bank Account Balance, Intelligence Quotient or College                    Degree."



             Immediate Abolishment of Poverty.






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