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Warning / Disclaimer

These documentaries are controversial and explicit.

The videos on this page are phenomenal science.


In the MK Christmas Video at the end you will see a man named Marc _____ he is in a mind control group and is a human programmer.  These groups that abuse H.P. Brand light wave modulation mind control equipment also use bio implants that that film through your eyes.  He calls the group "the Junta". The word "Junta" if you look it up in a dictionary means "Group that tells govenment what to do."  This MK group chips & records the unknowing person through their eyes and sells a live broadcast.  This man Marc _____ mind control groups work on hate lists.  This is not the "Junta" that is from Africa and Europe - these people come California USA from the billion dollar entertainment business and are predominantly of Jewish decent.  This bothers me because I was raised in a predominantly Jewish neighborhood and I have Jewish friends & business associates.  Marc is a super yenta.


The man named Marc _____ claims that there are two Mason’s in his mind control group; one is named Fred, the other is Asher.  I believe they are probably ex communicated Mason’s.


I know some Masons, some say they don’t know about these technologies, others say that I will never be shown these technologies because then they would have to explain them to everyone.  I speak candidly with a 32 degree Mason - I actually go to him for advice on occasion about different issues.  When I spoke to this man and told him how my life had been abused by H.P. Light wave modulation equipment and bio implants he said, “Sounds like you needed to know what happend.”


You don’t not earn the 33 degree of Free Masonry - it is given to you when they feel you deserve it.


I am in a neural network.  We might have a couple of illuminists in our neural network.


I believe in God.


God is the only thing you can’t clone.


I am not trying to offend anyone like I have been offended.


I am not trying to alienate anyone like I have been alienated.


I still feel fortunate that I have been able to meet the interesting people of this planet.


Please try to understand that I am trying to do some good here for everyone.

I have a goal to sit down and see the technology that sees through my eyes.  Is that to much to politely ask the U.S. Government or any government, or secret society that has this technology for me to ask to see the technology for myself?


I have a goal to deploy a Neural Network and take the company public.


These documentaries you are watching were produced by Dr. Jeff Dean.


When we shot these videos -


Dr. Dean said, “What we are doing here is changing the way that people look at life.”


Dr. Dean opened a video studio on a roof top down the block from my apartment in Los Angeles.


When I shared my experience with Dr. Dean, I told him that I have several scripts about quantum mechanics, neural networks and bio genetics.


I showed Dr. Dean some of the scripts that I had written and I said, “Would you like to shoot some of these scripts?”


He said. “I want to shoot all of them.”


I said, which one do you want to do first?


He said, “I want to go after the companies that manufacture the mind control equipment.”


On the roof top studio and under an old parachute and off camera Dr. Dean told me one time that he has a chip.


I said, “Now we are getting somewhere.” “Where did you get it and where is it from?"


He said, “I don’t know, all I know is I hear it in my head and it tells me what to do.”


When I asked him about it again, he never answered any questions about it.


Dr. Dean you are a phenomenal person.


Thank you for being radioactive.


Please report back to machines.












Brain Chip Confession

Take a listen to Marc's Brain chip confession.  Grab your ear phones

and hear Marc confess to chiping people. Listen to the noise coming from his ear piece phone- people saying to him,


Marc Brain Chip Confession -
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