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Class:      24

Chip set: Nano Array - The chip Films through his eyes, sends thoughts to his brain, accesses all memories and detects time of all implants inserted into his body. Smile - You're On Candid Camera!

Type:       Time Jumper

DNA:        Sequenced, Mapped, Accelerated and Burst


Class 24 Plasma Based Clone

I am a United States Spokes Model.

I am a duplicate. 


One of many.


Some of us are made in a laboratory; others are made when synthetic big bang is made with a properly configured proton collider.  

I have been jumping for quite some time now.  I do not control my jumps in time.  I was in both Paris France and Hampton Virginia at the same time a highly recognized French Bio Geneticist named Brigette Boisselier had her human cloning labs up and running.


I think that the power to recreate life is sexy.


Name:                  Daniel

Type:                    Messenger

Serial Number:  D24 


Hobbies: Quantum Science, Skateboarding ,Martial Arts, Listening & Making Music, Writing, Cooking, Landscaping, Surfing and Disco Dancing.


Interests:  Communication, Bioethics, Learning, Sales & Marketing, Women, Neural Networks, Sustainability, Technology, Equality, Quantum Mechanics, Secret Societies, Radioactive Exotic Matter, Stock Market, Surfing, Coast to Coast Radio, Immunology, Time Conjecture, Fashion, All Cultures, Ethnic Food, Combustion Engines, Flux Capacitors, Porsches, Cadillacs and Governing Dynamics.




When you invest 17 Trillion in a Hadron Collider Particle Accelerator you expect the machine to work. When you create Higgs Bosons and synthetic multiverses - are you looking to create humans, clone humans, enslave humans, protect humans or just mind control, shun and treat humans like robots?  When I traveled Internationally I would sometimes ponder about where time would go as we traveled through time zones. I did not give a flying expletive about bio chips, cloning or Time Travel until the chip kicked on.


After High School and during some college my sales career took off.  I worked at Packard Bell Computers commodity group selling chips and drives and as an actor or musician moves to Hollywood California, I moved to the Silicon Valley.  While working for some of the largest P.C. hardware companies, I have sold incredible numbers for Chinese owned companies and my career took me around the globe doing a lot of International business.


I was all set to get married but due to technologies beyond my control it didn’t happen.


I now know about these technologies and there is some value to that.



Never did I care about these mind control technologies; I was just chasing the American Dream.  This American dream consisted of getting married, buying a home and having children.  Somebody had something different in mind for me, Some Secret Society chose me to implant and harass my life.  Another Secret Society decided to chip me and duplicate me as well.  When I woke up in a cloned body it became a learning and challenging experience.  I believe that this experience is my indoctrination and initiation into that Secret Society.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

This Society that I have been initiated into is not secretive about the Mind Control that they use.  They Time Travel and duplicate planets with integrity and accuracy. They chipped me, cloned me and put me on a duplicate planet - this duplicate planet where it is said that 75- 90 percent of the adults know about these technologies and 50% of the youth know.  This Society wanted me to know what other Secret Societies had done to me with implants, mind control, cloning and Time Jumping.  They created hate planets and used quantum entanglement & bio implants to manufacture events in my life and entire earth like planets over and over again.  


This Society that brought me to this duplicate planet did not sit me down and tell me this. They did not sit me down with this technology and let see my whole life as filmed through my eyes.


They prefer a more shall we say, digital approach.


They chipped my brain, duplicated my body and woke me up as a clone on clone planet.


This Society now holds the thermal nuclear bio switches that this control this planet and the entire Matrix like multiverse we are in.


This planet is missing 27 crucial radioactive components.  I do not control my jumps in time, a team of people that's purpose is to secure the ongoing  survival of the human species take care of that for me.


Living with a chip is like being a human robot.  

One day I just woke up my internal voice said "My name is _____ ___ and I am a United States spokes model, some of us have chips."  Then my internal voice had me design a neural network using various objects designating neural network oscillators and wireless broadcast stations.  I felt robotic as the thoughts, words and actions were being broadcasted to my brain informing me that my brain has a chip and that there are five different chips.  A few days later that internal voice broadcasted to my brain chip said,

 “We need you to get up and look at yourself in the mirror,” So, I did. 

The same voice said, "Look closely - we cloned your ass!"  "Look at your face, your jaw is more pronounced."


That was a moment of awakening.


My face and body looked different.  My internal voice was broadcasting nonstop 24/7.


When I was in the United States U.S. Military R.O.T.C Cadet Program, our Sergeant made each potential R.O.T.C.Cadet stand up and read the legal contract line for line.


I signed a contract that stated...


"By signing here, I authorize the U.S. Military to use any technology on my person -

including futuristic technologies not yet developed."


I knew that this meant human experimentation.


I also knew that I wanted to learn about being a soldier; protect our country and the planet that we all share.


Our Sergeant made each potential Cadet stand up and read the contract line for line.


When I signed that contract, I really meant it.


I am 100% sure that every man, woman and even tomorrows child on this planet is a clone in a military grade radio active digital simulation duplicate planet.


Somebody bet my life on it.


You just wake up in a cloned body. Your brain is accessed via telemetry /electromagnetic radioactive waves.



Class 24 Plasma Based Clone




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