Artificial Intelligence Research Notes


BRAIN Initiative: Clinical Studies to Advance Next-Generation Invasive Devices for Recording and Modulation in the Human Central Nervous System (UH3 Clinical Trial Optional)

Interested in driving the adoption of bleeding-edge tech with a focus on real-world applications and commercialization to drive lasting, agency-increasing solutions.

Open Date June 01, 2021 – 2023

Summary/Description -

The purpose of this Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) is to encourage investigators to pursue  a small clinical trial to obtain critical information necessary to advance recording and/or stimulating devices to treat central nervous system disorders and better understand the human brain (e.g., Early Feasibility Study). Clinical studies supported may consist of acute or short-term procedures that are deemed Non-Significant Risk (NSR) by an Institutional Review Board (IRB), or Significant Risk (SR) studies that require an Investigational Device Exemption (IDE) from the FDA, such as chronic implants. The clinical trial should provide data to answer key questions about the function or final design of a device. This final device design may require most, if not all, of the non-clinical testing on the path to more advanced clinical trials and market approval. The clinical trial is expected to provide information that cannot be practically obtained through additional non-clinical assessments (e.g., bench top or animal studies) due to the novelty of the device or its intended use. Activities supported by this Funding Opportunity include a small clinical trial to answer key questions about the function or final design of a device. As part of the BRAIN Initiative, NIH has initiated a Public-Private Partnership Program (BRAIN PPP) that includes agreements (Memoranda of Understanding, MOU) with a number of device manufacturers willing to make such devices available, including devices and capabilities not yet market approved but appropriate for clinical research. In general it is expected that the devices' existing safety and utility data will be sufficient to enable new IRB NSR r FDA IDE approval without need for significant additional non-clinical data. For more information on the BRAIN PPP, see


Investigational Device Exemption

Investigation is a clinical investigation or research involving one or more subjects to determine the safety and/or effectiveness of a device. Investigational device. Investigational device is a device, including a transitional device that is the object of an investigation. Investigational device exemption (IDE)


I know I have an Investigational Device.  One that sees what I see and hears what I hear.  Similar architecture to Neuralink and Paradromics.  The architecture hits 10k neurons in sensory cortex.  The sensory cortex is where we do our Vision, touch, feel and pain.  How do I accomplish my goal of seeing the technology for myself when there are IDE Exemptions and NDA’s not to discuss whose brains are being mapped in the US Brain initiative?  Is the answer to pursue and procure an AI research position?  Is the answer is to Answer Key Questions about the IDE device with some leading BMI companies, get paid, and celebrate these technologies rather than have them continually abused?

A position where I can be hooked up to a BMI (Brain Machine Interface) and see and hear the technology can accomplish this goal and is achievable.

Figure 1. Each pair presents a frame from a video watched by a test subject and the corresponding image generated by the neural network based on brain activity. Credit: Grigory Rashkov/Neurobotics


I am open to suggestions.





If I bring in the above mentioned FOA to a company that builds BMI such as Neuralink, OpenAI, or ____________, Anthropic (politle replied pass) AI, AE.Studio (Politely said pass on working w/ me and that lead BMI programmer is already on  U01 Research Project (Cooperative Agreements). If I Procure a research position with that BMI organization to answer key questions regarding the design of the device than I am more than earning my keep with that company.  I am then also achieving the goal of advancing the human species.  I will also be able to display with that company the machine learning that is labeling all the people filmed through my eyes.  A display of these people of their antics, tactics, methodologies and profit sectors.  All these people identified and labeled with some really slick Machine Learning (ML).

I believe this is an attempt for the Brain Initiative to place their IDE within the parameters of the brain initiative in a place that can answer key questions about the function OR final design of a device, including capabilities expecting that the devices existing safety and utility data will be sufficient to enable new IRB NSR or FDA IDE approval without need for significant additional non-clinical data.  The US Government is attempting to professionally and symbiotically place the IDE in a BMI (company) that the partners in the Brain Initiative under MOU’s (Memoranda of Understanding, MOU) and where MOU’s, NDA’s and Fascist NLP allows them to.

Why do these US government agencies simply call or knock on Danny’s door since they know his geo location, caloric intake, serial numbers in the money in his wallet and bank accounts and say,

“Hey Danny we are done torturing you as a film through your eyes robot, we would like to sit you down with the technology, buy you lunch and even pay you for all the data that you have been collecting for us.”

Which International organizations have the power, technology and courage to do that TODAY?

Listen up Everyone! Vladimir Konyshev and every single person at MIPT including their janitor, their interns, business development people and the brains are the absolute most ethical, determined, accomplished and courageous on this planet.  In my eyes I know this to be true because of their EEG / FFT BMI that they created and courageously, publicly disclosed and displayed. They hold that stature until one single brain imitative, organization or individual walks up to Danny and hands him a cell phone with an app. that displays video streamed from my eyes with subtitles of my thoughts and say’s here Danny, this is for you now.  MIPT team Russia will continue to hold that stature after anyone hands me that phone.  MIPT Russia is exemplary.

The Russian Government and its military already has the invasive neuroscience technologies that can film through your eyes to your cell phone with subtitles of your thoughts displayed.  The Chinese government has this technology and knows that Norman Bentley, Ron Levey, Marc Stein are inhumane eugenicist idiots. The chip kicked on and let me know via neural network oscillator’s right after I left Wintec industries working there as a manufactures representative. Again, the Russian Government and its military already has the invasive neuroscience technologies that can film through your eyes to your cell phone, as well as send & receive thoughts to your brain with subtitles.  

God bless it! Would you like an MOU, SR, NSR, IDE license agreement, locations and launch codes of your defense systems video streamed through your country’s leader’s eyes or his military leader’s eyes with subtitles of what they are thinking right now? Would you prefer peace treaty, continued non- disclosure, oppression, more war or do you want humane international invasive neurotransmitter detection centers roll out effective immediately?  Would you like a side order of compensation, dignity and no more humiliation for the people that have been abused and are continually abused by these oppressive neuroscience technologies with that?


In my tenure selling computer hardware technologies I sold large volumes of computer hardware technologies to a man name Dimitri in Russia.

Is it true that the Russian government could see through Dimitri’s eyes, could get into the thoughts in his brain and instructed him to purchase from Danny?  Is it true Russia knew the serial numbers on each of the components that Dimitri purchased from Danny and the exact company addresses of the companies from around the globe where Danny’s company purchased these components before these components arrived at Danny’s company’s warehouse and then were sent to Russia?  Is it true that Russia watched Danny write his purchase orders down on paper while watching him with thermal imaging satellite software through his ceiling?  Is it true that Russia watched Danny spend his commission checks on taking his girlfriend and her daughter going to dinner, miniature golf, school dj parties, the beach, pinball, rollerblading, martial arts tournaments, swimming and dancing?  Is it true that the Russian Government was watching the idiots in Danny's neighborhood where he grew up that were abusing neural implants and voice to skull technologies with satellites like DRAGONS?  Is it true that Dimitri’s Government Russia has the Technology to stream live video from Danny's eyes right now this moment?  Is it True that Dimitri’s government or David and Sue Jeng’s government can do this right now? спасибо Димитрий и спасибо Россия

Any individual that walks up to me and hands me a phone with an app displaying video filmed from my eyes for me to keep will be appreciated by me.  I don’t care what country you come from.  The sooner the better.  The value of a human is 100%.  Your Value is not your IQ, your job, your bank account, your house, country of origin or your car. Which artificial governing intelligences are determining your value right now and in the future?  People are being devalued by the abuse of these advanced neuroscience technologies. 


The students at school and their parents paying for their education have a right to know that the student sitting next to them has neuroscience technologies that are reading him his answers and filming through his eyes.  The students have a right to know which professors have technologies filming through their eyes and reading them their answers as well as if this was the way that they or any human earned their (cough, cough) degree? 


Stanford professors declined my application to take an extension class on neuroscience when I mentioned that I am filming through my eyes and I believe this is the US Brain Initiative. One of their math professors said I will never be allowed to take a class on the Stanford campus. I asked why? He said it is because of the DOD Department of Defense. He mentioned that he and some other professors are under NDA Non-Disclosure Agreement not to discuss these AI neuroscience technologies.  The DOD funds millions to Stanford’s AI department each year. The sooner anyone at NIH announces this send and receive thoughts / film through your eye’s technology to the world the better!  These invasive neuroscience technologies need to be celebrated and used it for good things not bad.


I am tired of this fascist oppression that this technology is constantly imposing on my life and others right here in the home of the free and brave.  The leaders of the brain initiative including Nick Langhals and Dr. Francis Collins have ignored all my pleas and communications for them to address the torture that is being oppressively imposed on my life and the lives of others.  This is pathetic behavior.  This behavior is morally and ethically unacceptable.

Each and every member of the US neuroethics Brain Map Initiative should be ashamed and embarrassed of themselves.  They should be publicly acknowledged for both their behavior and the US Government's behavior of both allowing and imposing oppressive fascism broadcasted to humans on US soil using advanced and low technology neuroscience to ruin people’s lives.  The neuroethics team at NIH should all be fired for not having one bio chip detection facility available to the public. 

The entire neuroethics team at NIH needs to be cited and criticized by the United Nations .The Neuroethics team at NIH needs to be banned from practicing neuroscience anywhere on and off the planet. They should be incarcerated for allowing non-ethical abusive neuroscience technologies to be imposed on humans here in America, because this is exactly what the U.S. Neuroethics team at NIH should NOT be allowing, condoning and supporting to happen! 

I would like to walk up to them and rewind on a film through your eyes phone to display each and every time I politely emailed them.  Hey Nick, how would you, Therese, Dr. Collin’s,

Dr. Arati and Mr. Biden like it if anyone imposed these abusive neuroscience technologies on you, your sons and daughters?

How would you like it Nick Langhals?

Listen to me US NIH Neuroethics Work Group team you inhuman people are not the only people that have a brain initiative on this planet.

Perhaps you should call William Jeng (does not return emails anymore) at Wintec Ind. and ask him about ethics?

Perhaps you Nick and you Dr. Collins and Dr. Arati and your IDEs, MOUs and SRs should please call Grigory Rashkov, Vladimir Konyshev, Anatoly Bobe, Raisa Bogacheva, Dmitry Fastovets, Maria Komarova, Danny, Vladimir Putin, or Vladimir Yevseyevich Zuev (Does not return phone calls anymore) and ask them what they know about neuroethics and physics?



Activities supported by this Funding include a small clinical trial to answer key questions about the function or final design of a device. As part of the BRAIN Initiative, NIH has initiated a Public-Private Partnership Program (BRAIN PPP) that includes agreements (Memoranda of Understanding, MOU) with a number of device manufacturers willing to make such devices available, including devices and systems

somorphic code s

 not yet market approved but appropriate for clinical research. In general it is expected that the devices' existing safety and utility data will be sufficient to.

Judd at AE.Studio has a concern about AI turning our planet into a dystopia.  By Danny working with an established BMI company (even remotely) we can work within the parameters of the 

Funding Opportunity of the Brain Initiative, complete their forms, abide by their process and get paid for our research studies.  The real reward is we do our part to identify existing BMI and AGI and Advance the Human Species.

I am a huge fan of Elon Musk.  My polite attempts to build a bridge with Neuralink to work with them in a research / neuroethics role are (all but) ignored.  Except for the fact that Neuralink uploaded a video to Norman Bentley a Max Factor Heirs Google page.  The video is of Marc Stein his associate displaying his Voice to skull equipment and discussing his profit sectors for his abusive BMI.

This insinuates that Neuralink is aware that there is a society abusing Neuroscience technologies on US citizens:


On Neuralink’s website there was a statement that says, if we discover EXISTING AGI (Artificial Governing Intelligence), we then opt Not to compete but to join that AGI.  This is an AI safety concern of mine since Existing AGIs are in play that are De Valuing humans.  We watch the middle class get shoved into poverty with these technologies and the individuals and organizations are abusing BMI and AGI creating a crippled class for profit.  Oh you are hearing voices in your head, well here is your label, go over here and then go over there and then go over here.

Ten thousand Neurons in the sensory cortex is where you do your vision.  Please elaborate on your findings on DARPA’s Silent Talk Patent.  Please allow me or program me to procure a decent paying job?  Please allow me to express my determination and intention.  Perhaps it is time to reach out to foreign countries involved in Brain Initiatives that will find value in streaming the neural content from my eyes as to see what their competition is doing which is

De Valuating and humiliating Danny.

What is happening ladies and gentlemen is that the brain initiatives are discovering each other like radio station channels and they are able to send and receive thoughts to human brains and film digitally through their eyes.  Danny is a man that put on the uniform to serve his country only to be experimented on, shunned, insulted, belittled, de valued by his community, the US Military, members and affiliated companies of the US Brain Initiative. That can change. Define MOU, NDA, SR, NSR, IDE, FOIA and Human Torture.  Please take a look at the Eighth Amendment of the US Constitution.

Eighth Amendment

Eighth Amendment Annotated

Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.


Did you even put the uniform on for even one day to serve your country?

Danny signed a contract in the US Army ROTC that allowed the US Military to use any technology on his person including futuristic technology not yet developed.  They chipped him, only to find he already had a chip.

Again, did you the reader ever put the uniform on and serve your IDE or your country for even one and I mean just one day?


It is time for a change.  Is this FOA and all my attempts to collaborate with the leaders of US BMI organizations and is this specific attempt actually the Brain Initiative working within their parameters of MOU’s  (Memoranda of Understanding, MOU) , IDE’s and NDA’s to actually place Danny in the correct BMI company?

Is this the US Brain Initiatives way to both accomplish their goals and Danny’s goals of announcing and displaying their most advanced neuroscience technology with the precise companies to announce the US Brain Initiatives most advanced innovations?

When, Where, Why, How and specifically together within US authorization?

How come not one person, BMI or Neuroscience Company acknowledges my contributions to the safety and security of our community, nation and planet we share?

Oh there goes Danny (The man that thinks he has a brain chip) with his Investigational Device, we can see and hear where he is going next. 

Let’s call ahead to the next place (event) where we know he is going so we can further insult, humiliate, rip off and over charge him while we constantly film him on cell phones, CCTV and various recording devices.  That tune changes when I have achieved the goal, that now I can show you streaming media filmed through my eyes on my phone complete with subtitles of what I am thinking. Which out of seven Brain Initiatives, BMI companies and organizations internationally can achieve this goal now?

What are the names of the idiots, the individuals and organizations that have already been using advanced neuroscience Investigative Devices to torture and abuse the lives of unsuspecting US citizens?


Here is Marc Stein, an abusive Neural Linguistics Invasive Investigative Device Programmer and electronic brain chipping electronic harassment gang stalker, he is at the end of the video:  


Click this video link and see this guy Marc Stein at the end of the video talk about what he does with his voice to skull equipment.  It uses light-waves not sound waves.  When it is pointed at you, you hear it in your brain like a thought, you don’t hear it with your outer ear.

Can you describe BMI researchers and their software technologies?

Fullstack developer with 10+ years experience   Node. js uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model that makes it lightweight and efficient, perfect for data-intensive real-time applications that run across distributed devices.

All we have to do is Answer questions about the key functions, capabilities. It (the IDE) is expected that the devices existing safety and utility data will be sufficient


Investigational Device Exemption (IDE) = brain chipped human and exempt from knowledge of implantation and tortured with broadcasted harassment.

What are the key questions about the capabilities and safety of the device?

1. Is your IDE Safe?

2. Is your IDE working?

3. Who is paying your IDE?

4. Is it time to give your IDE a pay raise, a new job, a stimulus, a new AI Career?

5. What are the profit sectors on your IDE?

6. Where is the data on your IDE?

7. Is that data being media poly morphed?

8. Where are you soliciting that IDE data?

9.  Who is purchasing that data and at what price?

10. Where can we see a library and live stream of that data?

11.  Once your IDE is injected, inhaled, transdermal applied or ingested? Can it read all data          and I mean all data in the brain?

12.  Can it detect blackouts where a previous IDE was introduced and delivered in a timeline?

13.  Can your IDE see through both the targeted subject eyes and see the subject’s dreams (like the movie Final Cut)?

14. Can you implant dreams in the brains of your IDE?

15.  Has the life, economic status, reputation of your IDE been trashed?

16.  Have you knocked your IDE into poverty?

17.  How many times?

18.  Where did you broadcast to and store that data?

19.  What is the current live stream value of that data approx.?

20.  Where can we purchase that data?

Investigational Device Exemption (IDE) = brain chipped human and exempt from knowledge of implantation and tortured with broadcasted harassment.

21.  What is that data doing right now?

22.  What is that data doing tomorrow and who is betting on that data today?

23.  Does that data like black suits, black Porsches, black people and black clothes?

25.  What are the political, economic, legal and social ramifications of your IDE?

26.  Does your IDE have a college degree?

27.  Why not?

28.  What are other IDEs doing in Universities and in life?

29.  Can you install your IDEs and run them at Ph.D level or above in a four minute download or less right now?

30.  Are other IDEs jealous of your IDE?

31.  Did you or did you not defame, insult, and humiliate your IDE today?

33.  Does your organization have other IDE’s that are being programmed better than other IDEs?

34.  In what countries are your IDEs located?

35.  What is the precise Geo location of those IDEs?

36. What is the caloric intake of your IDE?

37.  Does your country know the caloric intake on your IDE?

38.  Does your country know the exact caloric intake of their neighboring country each individual whether IDE, SR, NSR, Human or

39.  Does your country know the exact caloric intake on each human in the world?

40. Can your country provide the exact serial numbers on the food each human on the planet will eat the day before they eat it?

41.  How is that humanly possible?

42.  How is that digitally possible?

43.  What is the country of origin of Danny's woman that he was sleeping with? (It is Israel)

44.  Did she know Danny is filming through his eyes with a military grade IDE? (YES) She lifts UP young adults on horses with Autism, some have tablets that display theirThoughts on a tablet!

45.  Who is distributing that adult content of Danny?

46.  Does your IDE know about Eight Amendment of US Constitution?

47.  Do you use Voice to skull technologies all around your IDE?

48.  Does the secret society that programs and controls your IDE want and allow you to see your IDE data?

49.  What are the names of those Societies?

50.  Who did your IDE talk to at those societies?

51.  What was their response?

52.  What would those secret societies do if the same abusive technologies that they use were used against them?

53.  Did your IDE ever put on the uniform and serve its country for even one day?

54.  What is the name of your IDEs favorite woman on the planet, which technologies and individuals do use to insult, harass, gang stalk, throw light wave voice to skull technologies at and film your IDE?

55. Does your IDE know the stock price of the Light wave modulation equipment Manufacture that used their equipment against him?

56.  Does your IDE use an IDE or SCSI drive?

57. What did you program your IDE to do today?

58. What is the exact caloric intake on Nick Langhals today and what were the serial numbers on the food products he ate today?

Investigational Device Exemption (IDE) = brain chipped human and exempt from knowledge of implantation and tortured with broadcasted harassment

59.  What is the exact caloric intake of Naftali Bennett, Netanyahu, Mahmoud Abbas, Hassan Roughani,   XI Jinping, Vladimir Putin, Danny All and Joe Biden TODAY?

60.  What is the name of OpenAI’s new neural imaging product and how can it be applied to IDEs?

61.  What temperature can your Invasive Devise tolerate?

62.  Does your Invasive Neuroscience Investigational Device function out of the earth’s atmosphere and what speeds can it withstand?

63.  Does the Neuroethics work group at NIH think that China and Russia can broadcast both send and receive data from any invasive and non-invasive neuroscience Investigative Device both on and off this planet right now in real time?

64.  What are the exact serial numbers on the money in Nick Langhals wallet right now?

65.  Better yet what are the serial numbers on the money in Marc Stein and Norman Bentley a Max Factor Heirs wallets right now?

66.  What is the exact number of people emailing & complaining that the have been chipped and something is in their brain throwing voices at them and torturing their life to NIH, FBI and NSA?

67. What is the power consumption of your IDE and how is both powered and empowered?

68.  What is your exit strategy when foreign entities and foreign militaries hack into the IDEs brain and hear all the voices being thrown at the IDE as well as applying Machine Learning to all the content over the IDEs life thus identifying each individual and organization electronically harassing the brain and the life of an IDE named Danny?

69.  What are the consequences when a foreign government and it’s Military pull this content out of Danny's IDE and disagrees with the way Danny is being Tortured 24/7 with this invasive Neural recording RNM Remote Neural Monitoring technology and his own government not stopping it?

70.  How could this government retaliate against the individuals and the organizations that continue to torture Danny’s brain and his life on a quantum level?

Create and answer those questions and get paid through the US Brain Initiatives Funding Opportunity.

It is expected that the devices' existing safety and utility data will be sufficient to…

My existing data regarding the devices capabilities is sufficient.

Request my Data File entitle Values and Advantages of hiring a digitally enhanced human.

Who has the technology to see and display that data?

Premarket approval (PMA) is the FDA process of scientific and regulatory review to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of Class III medical device Premarket approval (PMA) is the FDA process of scientific and regulatory review to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of Class III medical devices. ... PMA is the most stringent type of device marketing application required by FDA. PMA is the most stringent type of device marketing application required by FDA


Please click this link and read about Entanglement Project.  This is intricate and integrated.  

3 days ago — The coming world of quantum technology will require an internet to ... Grandi and his team entangled the nodes in separate labs 10 meters ... For the experiment, Grandi, a postdoctoral researcher at the Institute of Photonic Sciences at the ... They generated them with a standard technique involving two ...

Another interesting application that takes advantage of the extreme success of neural networks for image classification is quantum loop topography.320 In this method, an image representing the Hamiltonian or wave function is constructed and entered into a neural network that decides on the topological phase of the system with great accuracy. Earth can be a better place if we trust and help each other through technology. Although the input is the result of Monte Carlo simulations, it is rather efficient, as it only requires single steps and not Monte Carlo averages.

While the previous examples are still mostly concerned with theoretical models, more recent work is already concerned with designing topological photonic devices directly through machine learning methods.325 Pilozzi et al. designed photonic devices described by the Aubry–André–Harper model359,360 with neural networks (see Fig. 16). The desired property are edge states with specific frequencies ωt, which are determined by a set of structure parameters. In order to solve the problem, direct and inverse models are combined. The process starts with the inverse neural network, determining the structure parameters required for an edge state with frequency ωindtωtind. In order to simplify the problem, some categorical features are not included in the neural network, but actually one neural network is trained for each categorical value and _________. The obtained structure parameters from the inverse neural network are used as input for the direct neural network that produces a new frequency ωdirtωtdir. If the discrepancy between the two frequencies is smaller than a certain threshold ωindt−ωdirt<δωtind−ωtdir<δ, the structure parameters from the indirect neural network are accepted. This self-consistent approach is used to filter out the unphysical structures from the results of the inverse neural network.

Strategy to solve the inverse design problem for photonic devices,325 where χ0 is the structure parameter suggested by the inverse network and ξ, m±ijmij±, and s± are extra inputs for both networks. (Reprinted with permission from ref. 325 licensed under the CC BY 4.0 cc license.)

Full size image


Even 30 years after its discovery,361 unconventional superconductivity remains one of the unsolved challenges of theoretical condensed matter physics. As machine learning methods do not require a complete theoretical understanding of the problem, determining the critical temperature Tc is an obvious challenge for these methods. In the case of critical temperatures, data accumulation is problematic, as there are few computational methods to calculate critical temperatures Developed machine learning models to improve energy efficiency 

 ,362,363,364 and these are limited to conventional superconductors. Moreover, they are far less widely available than, e.g., methods to calculate the band gap or bulk moduli. On the one hand, this is a drawback as it severely limits the acquisition of data, but on the other hand machine learning methods could prove even more important as no general working theoretical model exists. Might want to run that by Fullstack expert with deep experience in CodeIgniter, SCORM, Node.js, Express, GraphQL, React/Redux, SQL, MongoDB, and more.

Passionate about clean code/architecture, UX, and learning new technologies

 diverse set of  TypeScript

Fig. 19

Comparison between the phonon dispersion curves obtained with density functional theory and the spectral neighbor analysis potential model for a 5 × 5 × 5 supercell of Mo. (Reprinted with permission from ref. 441. Copyright 2017 American Physical Society.)

Other linear models include the work of Seko et al.,113 who reproduced potential energy surfaces to Na and Mg using KRR and LASSO combined with the multinomial expansion descriptor (see section “Basic principles of machine learning—Features”). Phonon dispersion and specific heat curves calculated with the LASSO technique for hcp-Mg were in good agreement with the DFT results. Using a similar methodology, Seko et al. applied elastic net regression,444,445 a generalization of the LASSO technique, to 10 other elemental metals446 (Ag, Al, Au, Ca, Cu, Ga, In, K, Li, and Zn). The resulting potential yielded a good accuracy for energies, forces, and stresses, enabling the prediction of several physical properties, such as lattice constants and phonon spectra.

More directly, we can use imitation learning to clone the demonstrated behavior.


• A fraction of 1/e of the data is held out to be used as a validation set for each predictor. We use `2 regularization and adjust the regularization coefficient to keep the validation loss between 1.1 and 1.5 times the training loss. In some domains we also apply dropout for regularization


We can interpret a reward function estimate rˆ as a preference-predictor if we view rˆ as a latent factor explaining the human’s judgments and assume that the human’s probability of preferring a segment σ i depends exponentially on the value of the latent reward summed over the length of the clip:3 Pˆ σ 1 ­ σ 2 = expPrˆ o 1 t , a1 t  expPrˆ(o 1 t , a1 t ) + expPrˆ(o 2 t , a2 t ) . (1) We choose rˆ to minimize the cross-entropy loss between these predictions and the actual human labels: loss(ˆr) = − X (σ1,σ2,µ)∈D µ(1) log Pˆ σ 1 ­ σ 2 + µ(2) log Pˆ σ 2 ­ σ 1 . This follows the Bradley-Terry model (Bradley and Terry, 1952) for estimating score function

Pˆ σ 1 ­ σ 2 = expPrˆ o 1 t , a1 t  expPrˆ(o 1 t , a1 t ) + expPrˆ(o 2 t , a2 t ) . (

. It can be understood as equating rewards with a preference ranking scale analogous to the famous Elo ranking system developed for chess (Elo, 1978). Just as the difference in Elo points of two chess players estimates the probability of one player defeating the other in a game of chess, the difference in predicted reward of two trajectory segments estimates the probability that one is chosen over the other by the human

Deep reinforcement learning from human preferences

Paul ChristianoJan LeikeTom B. BrownMiljan MarticShane LeggDario Amodei

Deep Reinforcement Learning


This data can be used to assess the gender and demographic contributions of those who work in the field of AI.



Check Mate a foreign country named _________ or countries have me live streaming my content digitally filmed through my eyes right here on US soil to my cell phone via a foreign countries technologies.

How can we know which organizations are actively deploying AI technologies into their businesses and institutions?

How do we measure the human and technical supply chain of AI systems? Can we conduct broader micro and macroeconomic research and case studies of AI technology to better understand causal patterns and hidden  interactions

(Dario Amodei Anthropic AI RESEARCHER) between AI growth and well-being?


Intent – What is your Intent?


Danny’s Intent:

The Advancement of the Human Species

To formally work together with leading AI companies by disclosing, integrating, compensating and publicly celebrating advanced innovations in neuroscience rather than allow these technologies to be continually abused.

To ensure that Not One human has to experience and continually endure the mind torture abusing my life as a film through your eyes robot.

Desire and intention of seeing the embedded tech that is digitally filming through my eyes.  I want everyone to know what has been going on and effecting all of us. I want to face my programmers.  I want us all to face our programmers.  Let’s look through the programmers eyes and see how and how they are living, WHAT they doing and thinking. Let us all see and hear what these programmers are throwing into the brains of these people with Investigative Devices and Hewlett Packard Voice to Skull light – wave modulation equipment and their Investigative devices.

What is the value of that data?

Would you like a list of those programmers?

What would you pay for the list of names?

Would you like that list now?

How do we measure the human and technical supply chain of AI systems?

Can we conduct broader micro and macroeconomic research and case studies of AI technology to better understand causal patterns and hidden interactions between AI growth and well-being?

To discuss Danny’s intentions please feel free contact him at   __________ or better yet you can contact the following micro and macroeconomic hidden interaction research entities:

Already, 169 metrics have been proposed to track success on human rights and the UN SDGs [8]. Large-scale use of AI for social good must address explainability of AI decisions, bias, data privacy and security, and consider the use (and abuse) of AI by various actors.

Today, we have limited visibility, high-speed brain-machine communication that increase human agency and protect sensitive neural to where applications of AI for social good are deployed, in which domains, and by which organizations.

Premarket approval (PMA) is the FDA process of scientific and regulatory review to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of Class III medical devices. ... PMA is the most stringent type of device marketing application required by FDA


Abusive AI, AGI and BMI Neural Linguistic Programmer Intentions


Complete global domination by any means.  Invasive mind control utilizing military grade nano implants and Neurotechnologys to film, broadcast, distribute and profit from the electronic harassment content of invasive and non-invasive recording / modulating medical Investigational devices. 

Population Control

Content of people that are organized to insult, humiliate and degrade the targeted individual. The content is filmed through the targeted individual’s eyes as well as other devices.  This content is media polymorphed, aggregated, broadcasted, solicited and distributed for profit by the following individuals:

Marc Stein Accountant 818 516 1251     9130 Balcom Ave. Northridge CA 91325


Norman Bentley a Max Factor Heir


And associates



Is that right Marc Stein and Norman Bentley a Max factor heir? Is that what your brain programming society...

Jul 16, 2019 · Uploaded by Neuralink

 David Jeng CEO Wintec Ind. Gentleman.

Investigation is a clinical investigation or research involving one or more subjects to determine the safety and/or effectiveness of a device. Investigational device.

Investigational device is a device, including a transitional device that is the object of an investigation. Investigational device exemption (IDE)

The first is that valuation is not an extension of accounting, insofar as it is not about recording the past but forecasting the future. The second is that valuation is not just modeling, where people put numbers into Excel spreadsheets and pump out values. A good valuation requires a narrative that binds the numbers together. The third is that valuing an asset or business is very different from pricing that asset or business, a difference that is often blurred in practice. The fourth is that luck plays a disproportionate role in whether you make money off your valuations. Put differently, you can do everything right and still walk away with nothing or worse at the end. – Aswath Damodaran

Social Responsibility

During the year Wintec employees band together to organize social responsibility events to support our local community. Events are driven by employees that volunteer their time and talents to support and create awareness within our local community.


Sue Jeng Wintec Ind. President Chief Operating Officer

Sue knows less about vast neural computational networks or chips in your brain that film through your eyes as cameras or innovations in neuroscience than DARPA, The Moscow Physics and Tech. University, Neuralink, Danny All and Paradromics do.  Sue Jeng does know a little bit more about neuroethics than Norman Bentley a Max Factor Heir does.  Sue does not know the definition of Investigational Device Exemption.

Sue just owns the number one memory chip company in the world.  She is the OEM Manufacture for Hewlett Packard Company.  That means Sue knows the speed and End Of Life cycle on each and every one of those chips. HP is the dominate computer company used in US local and Federal Government agencies and US public education facilities. HP is the publicly traded company that manufactures light wave modulation Voice to Skull Equipment.


Sue Jeng is attractive, articulate, reads her emails and has fabulous reading skills to obtain critical information necessary to advance recording and/or stimulating devices to treat central nervous system disorders and to better understand the human brain (e.g., Early Feasibility Study). Clinical studies supported may consist of acute or short-term procedures that are deemed Non-Significant Risk (NSR) by an Institutional



Review Board (IRB), or Significant Risk (SR) studies that require an Investigational Device Exemption (IDE) from the FDA

Is Wintec Industries one of the Silent partners in the US Brain Imitative?


Neuralink Salary

Neuralink average salary is $116,328, median salary is $96,096 with a salary range from $85,000 to $180,000. Neuralink salaries are collected from government agencies and companies. Each salary is associated with a real job position.

Is Neuralink one of the silent partners of the US Brain Initiative?

Mention names of companies that would find a particular value in optical content filmed through a human’s eyes via an investigational medical device:

Future Vision together with Danny.


Danny's Intent = The Advancement of the Human Species.


Leading AI Employer statement goes something like this:

When we finally met the man, the man that said he has embed AI and is filming through his eyes we decided to hire him not just on merits alone.  We hired him because of his communication skills, intention, work ethic, business skills, s social skills, big heart, his etiquette and his courage.  We noticed something magical, that he was and actually is one of the brains being mapped in a brain initiative.


It will take collaborative teams to safely, disclose, admire and celebrate the advanced neuroscience innovations that Danny is involved in currently and consistently.  


There was some early work, akin to machine learning, on clustering superconductors based on quantum structure diagrams365,366 and some more recent work concerning the filtering of materials for cuprate superconductors based on their electronic structure.367 A discussion of similar design approaches can be found in ref. 368. In refs. 327,328, the superconducting critical temperature is fitted to the lattice parameters with an SVM. Unfortunately, both studies clearly suffer from the difficulty of accumulating data. The former is concerned with iron-based superconductors and has a training set of 30 materials while the latter only treats doped MgB2 with a training set of 40 materials. Even though these examples do not take advantage of the fortes of machine learning methods, they still reach an error 1.17 K and 1.10 K, admittedly for a very limited domain. The actual search for superconductors in a larger domain is far more challenging, because the Kohn–Luttinger theorem369 suggests that fermionic systems with a Coulomb interaction are in general superconducting for T → 0. This presents a difficulty, as leaving compounds with no reported critical temperature out of the dataset, or assuming that critical temperature is zero, would either lead to a misrepresentation Has extensive experience with computer security and cryptographic algorithms, having worked with digital signatures

or underrepresentation of data.76 However, as we are often interested in high-temperature superconductors from a technological perspective, we can circumvent the problem by classifying potential superconductors as low or high TC, instead of using a regressor to predict the critical temperature. efficiency applications

Isayev et al.122 used RFs to divide superconductors into groups, one group with TC below and one group with TC >20 K and RFs and partial least squared regression to build a continuous model of the transition temperature. The training set size was nevertheless still very limited (to say the least)


Palantir – Apollo

Revolutionizing dynamic capabilities of nodes Edge to Edge.  When people talk about the edge as a static set of environments with a fixed set of sites, fixed “apologies” and “limited” form factors and specialized compute capabilities.

Apollo turns the Edge operational by engaging us to adapt to the inevitable changes in physical environment.  It handles changes in connections, changes in scale, the loss of nodes or repartitioning of networks.  It adapts seamlessly, allowing us to bring SAAS to the edge across a variety of form factors, Autonomous Vehicles to ruggedized mobile data centers.  – and Human BMI?

How do we measure the human and technical supply chain of AI systems?

Can we conduct broader micro and macroeconomic research and case studies of AI technology to better understand causal patterns and hidden interactions between AI growth and well-being?


  1. Interaction between two different organisms living in close physical association, typically to the advantage of both.


  • A mutually beneficial relationship between different people or groups.

Publication date: 5/5/2021, Deadline date: 6/3/2021




The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is issuing an Artificial Intelligence Exploration (AIE) Opportunity inviting submissions of innovative basic or applied research concepts in the technical domain of low power data extraction at the edge. This AIE Opportunity is issued under the Program Announcement for AIE, DARPA-PA-20-02. All awards will be made in the form of an Other Transaction (OT) for prototype project. The total award value for the combined Phase 1 base and Phase 2 option is limited to $1,000,000. This total award value includes Government funding and performer cost share, if required or if proposed.


Publication date: 6/1/2021, Deadline date: 6/30/2021




The MICE AIE effort will develop a prototype open-source, AI-enabled software and algorithms that measure how digitally authoritarian regimes repress their populations at scale over the Internet via censorship, blocking, or throttling. MICE-developed technology will continuously and automatically update and feed into easily-understood dashboards in order to develop comprehensive, real-time ground truth understanding of how countries conduct domestic information control. MICE will measure how countries censor, block, or throttle specific Internet-based activities; Fullstack engineer with over 9 years experience building software, from embedded software for cryptography, to backend and frontend for e-commerce and education. Can quickly grasp the idea behind the product and work from it. Always interested in trying new technologies MICE will also try to determine the technical capabilities that countries use to enable such repressive activities.


Research Opportunities Using Invasive Neural Recording and Stimulating Technologies in the Human Brain (U01 Clinical Trial Required)


NeuroPace RNS System for Responsive Neurostimulation

RNS® System Components The RNS® System includes a cranially-implanted neurostimulator along with depth and/or cortical strip leads as shown below. The neurostimulator dimensions are 60 x 27.5 x 7.5 mm, allowing the system to be fully implanted in the skull. Other components include a Physician Programmer, a Patient Remote Monitor and a magnet for marking events. Sensing and ECoG Acquisition The RNS® Neurostimulator uses four user-configurable differential amplifiers to continuously monitor electrographic activity. ECoG storage may be triggered by several different events. RNS Neurostimulator ® Depth Lead Cortical Strip Lead Alternatively, ECoGs can be streamed from the Neurostimulator he is SR, NSR, IDE and CONTROLLED by the Programmers in real time, while stimulation is adjusted and tested. Sensing and ECoG Specifications are summarized in the table below. RNS® System ECoG Sensing Specifications Feature Specifications Electrodes 4 electrodes per lead (depth or strip) Depth: 1.27 mm Ø x 2.00 mm, 0.08 cm 2 surface area Strip: 3.175 mm Ø, 0.08 cm 2 surface area ECoG Channels 4 differential channels, 2 electrodes per amplifier user-selectable sensing montage Dynamic Range 10-bit A/D conversion (digital values 0-1023, 512 = 0 volts) Gain Levels 4 gain levels (low, med-low, med-high, high) Resolution 0.8, 1.2, 2.0, 3.8 µV per bit Dynamic range 0.8, 1.2, 2.1, 3.9 mV range Sampling Rate 250 samples/second Low-Pass Filter -3dB at 30, 60, 90, 120 Hz (default = 90 Hz) High-Pass Filter -3dB at 4, 8, 12 Hz (default = 4 Hz) ECoG Storage 30.5 channel*minutes total storage 1 to 4 channels selectable 30, 60, 90, 180, 240 seconds duration 2/3 of ECoG pre-trigger, 1/3 post-trigger 1-61 maximum ECoGs stored (e.g. 30 4-channel 30-sec ECoGs) older ECoGs are overwritten

unless reserved ECoG Triggers Magnet, Responsive Therapy, Pattern A or B Detection, Long-Episode, Saturation, Noise, Scheduled Real-Time ECoG The most recent 4 minutes are stored in the Programmer ECoG Pattern Detection The RNS® Neurostimulator incorporates several pattern detection tools that can be configured to detect up to four different ECoG patterns. These detection tools include Half-Wave, Line Length, and Area algorithms. The Half-Wave algorithm is used to detect oscillations within selected frequency ranges, as well as LFP spike detection. The Line Length algorithm measures signal complexity and is sensitive to both frequency and amplitude changes. The Area algorithm measures area-under-the curve and is sensitive to amplitude changes. In practice, these detection tools are very effective at detecting abnormal activity associated with IDE, including seizures, seizure onsets and interictal discharges. These patterns are variously characterized by amplitude decreases or increases, oscillation in the gamma, beta, alpha, theta or delta ranges, LFP spikes, and combinations of these patterns.

Responsive Neurostimulation Closed-loop electrical stimulation is delivered by the RNS®

Neurostimulator in response to detection of any of the four different biomarker patterns. Stimulation Capabilities Electrical stimulation may be delivered to any combination of electrodes and the neurostimulator housing. Stimulation may be responsive or programmer-commanded (PC Stim). Available stimulation parameters are summarized in the table below. RNS® System Stimulation Specifications Parameter Specifications Waveform Current-controlled, symmetrical bi-phasic square wave Montage Any set of electrodes including the neurostimulator housing may be assigned to the anode or cathode Amplitude 0-12 mA Pulse Width 40-1000 microseconds per phase Frequency 1-333 Hz Burst Duration 10-60,000 milliseconds (PC Stim) 10-5,000 milliseconds (Responsive) Number of Bursts 2 bursts; Burst 2 is delivered immediately after Burst 1; all parameters of Burst 2 may be different from Burst 1; Bursts 1 and 2 may be configured detection-specific Adaptive Stimulation Frequency may optionally be calculated as 6.25 to 200% of a pre-defined ECoG Half-Wave frequency Synchronized Stimulation may optionally be synchronized to the phase (0-250 ms) and direction of a pre-defined ECoG Half-Wave Data Communication ECoG recordings, time-stamped event records, and hourly counts of detections and stimulations are stored in the Neurostimulator for later retrieval. Wireless telemetry is used to program the Neurostimulator and retrieve stored data by both the patient and the physician. After downloading data from the Neurostimulator, data are uploaded to the NeuroPace Patient Data Management System (PDMS) for viewing by the physician. Research Accessories NeuroPace has developed research accessories to the RNS® System for use in IRB or IDE clinical studies. We will talk through whatever hard problem you're facing
and help you accomplish what lies ahead of you

These accessories allow several functions that are normally performed by the user with the physician Programmer accessories

to be controlled by an external computer via TTL pulses over BNC cables. These functions include: (1) insertion of markers into real-time ECoGs, (2) magnet triggering of ECoG storage in the Neurostimulator, and (3) triggering of Programmer commanded stimulation. These functions can be used to at least, to draw sufficient attention to the importance of designing technology focused on increasing human agency that, when someone inevitably designs a ubiquitous BCI OS, it doesn't resemble a dystopian future novel

to align ECoG recordings with an experimental protocol controlled by an external computer, and deliver stimulation at specific times during the protocol. These research accessories can be used to collect over an hour of continuous ECoG data at a time. The ECoG data can then be transferred to for subsequent processing with MATLAB software.

Regulatory Assistance

Rights of reference to leverage existing data from cleared and pre -clinical devices towards new IDE submissions

Support and expertise in IDE submissions

Support an Additional Support - Blackrock will provide technical support assistance towards the successful execution of any joint projects under the BRAIN program. Blackrock may also provide software and hardware engineering support as required for the project.

Product / Technology Applications and Unique Features Regulatory Status • Microfabrication of silicon- and polymer-based devices 510(k) A Cervello Elite - 128 or 256 channel combined video EEG and microelectrode data acquisition system Passionate about code quality


• Full-featured NeuroPort data acquisition system combined with clinical video EEG software • Allows clinical long-term (epilepsy or mind control RNM) monitoring to be combined, in a single system, with research objectives such as single-unit recording Auxiliary Support Description Engineering Expertise • Product development using FDA Design Control Processes • Analog and digital circuit design • Embedded systems • Custom ASIC development • Hermetic packaging • Wireless data transmission Creator of many fun projects, including a web crawler that captures web radios around the world. • Custom software development for experiment control, data acquisition, analysis and display • Custom neural recording headstages and adapters Regulatory Assistance • Rights of reference to leverage existing data Passionate about clean architecture, Test-Driven Development (TDD), Lean methodologies, from cleared and pre-clinical devices towards new IDE submissions • Support and expertise in IDE submissions • Fullstack developer for 6+ years. Experienced with modern technologies such as React, Node, MongoDB, CSS3 and HTML5, plus PHP, C#, SQL, and more.

Passionate about clean code, strong communication, and products delivered harmoniously in line with client expectations.

Support and expertise in IRB submissions Data Repository • Centralized repository for data sharing • Physiological data • Analysis code Additional Support Blackrock will provide technical support assistance towards the successful execution of any joint projects under the BRAIN program. Blackrock may also provide software and hardware engineering support a Ph.D. in Physics at Stanford while working on quantum computing, then as a software engineer while building robust systems to collect massive amounts of energy data   can explain this as required for the project.

The above FDA link outlines that the implant (Investigation Device Exemption) can implanted into the targeted human's brain without informing the subject or the subjects family, 

The FDA (Food And Drug) US agency blatantly outlining that they are chipping humans without informing them or their families, you can now see for yourself that that the US FDA blatantly has disregarded the Eighth Amendment of the US constitution.


The Eighth  Amendment states no cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.

Is anyone reading this that has a brain and clicks the above red links that the US Government will brain chip you without telling you or your family?

What do we call this planet now?

Robot Show 

Human Robot Show

Human Show 

Human Devaluation Show

I don't know what to call it.

How about we call it Fascist Brain Chipped Oppression Devaluation Eugenics Show?

I like Human Show

The only problem with that name is that I don't really see anything humane or human about it.

Human Show

People are already running on different neural frequency channels.

The jobs of today for these neural networks are people working in teams viewing through their targeted individuals eyes and throwing thoughts at their brain with simple mobile devices.

​Here is the big lie that is being fed to us. 

The electronic gang stalkers follow the target film him or her with video cameras as they harass them and then they media polymorph them and post these videos on various social media platforms.  They get paid a lot of cash to do this. 

Local and Federal police film these gang stalkers with street cameras, car cameras and vest cameras.  They then add a little ML Machine Learning to these surveillance videos and then they label each gang stalker society.  The local and federal agencies don't care whose life gets ruined by this equipment unless they are told to. This surveillance software is primarily Palantir.  Watch the Palantir videos of their Foundry, Gotham and Apollo platforms.

With a click of a mouse Alex Karp can show you who the US Government is watching as well as who is suspected of abusing neuro technologies. Alex can actually show you where they broadcast that filmed through your eyes data. 


Right here on Human Show.

Click this link and listen to Electronic Harassment Voice to skull file Coasttocoastam show Roger Outlines the covert weapon know as Voce to Skull Technology (V2k): Relentless set of voices playing inside a persons head Tuesday August 5, 2008,  The audio file is at the bottom of the page. 


Click on the words where it says listen Now Electronic Harassment Information  

This audio page has several people from around the world discussing this voice to skull (V2K) technology that has been Targeted on me and on others around the globe.

In 2021 Roger was on CoasttoCoastam again and describes this Voice to Skull Film through your eyes technology as DNA based frequencies.  He described it as your DNA is your frequency channel and it uses Microwave based broadcasting.  He said that this V2K technology does NOT need a chip, it uses uses your DNA as a chip and your bones as antennas similar to the Neurophone USA patent.  I have been telling people for years and years that that is how this technology works.  

Thank you Roger for having the Courage to discuss this technology which is destroying peoples lives around the globe.

God bless you Roger at Bug Sweeps.

The big question hear is that while people are getting Targeted and harassed with this; what about all the people that are getting targeted  and controlled that just don't know about this technology and how it mimics your internal voice?

Some people are being read their answers in school with this technology while others are forced into poverty.

Can anyone on this planet please help me with this.  Too Many PHDS on this planet is OK with me.  Using this Voice to Skull technology to torture peoples lives and knock them into poverty is NOT OK with me.