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In 2007 I felt a Time Jump. 


A few days after the chip kicked on, I woke up and the voice in my head loudly said,

“I hate putting this hair color on these *ucking clones”

The apartment was trashed and there was black hair color splattered everywhere. I walked around the neighborhood at night and that voice said,

“You’re not in Kansas anymore”.

As I walked around, the digital inside my head said,

“Look around and take a good look at this place."

“The geometry of this planet is off – look at the streets, and architecture."

I launched this website because I want the whole world to know what I know.   The reason I started this communication vehicle is because want you all to know that we have been multiplied.


We are all time travelers.


The planet is traveling through space and time.


Now you know about four different ways to time jump into different dimensions.


Now you know the truth.


Tell your friends about


I want you, your friends and family to know about these technologies. If President Obama does not want to disclose these tehnologies than I am fine with another world leader coming forth and disclosing. Please watch the movie Deja Vu. 


I want these technologies to be disclosed.


I am disclosing these technologies.


Mr. Obama instead of using and abusing mind control technologies for population control why not us these technologies for good things?  If you can abuse these technologies and push the middle class to the poor class, why not just program a population where everyone is wealthy?  


Shake what your Momma gave ya.

Donald Trump what would you personally do with all the technologies mentioned on this website to Make America Great Again?



I want this entire planet to have the freedom of choice to have a digitally accelerated infinite education and

bio digital immortality.


These technologies that I describe were meant to be used for good things not bad things. 


These technologies were not created to be abused as they are on this planet.


These technologies should be celebrated not abused!



Thank you so much visiting our website.

Awareness influences things.


"Use the Power of Intention

and Dedication 

strive for success

every day in the face of hardship."


I have a goal to be a part of creating a publically traded competitive neural network.  Too many artificially intelligent humans that are happy and wealthy is ok with me.


Thoughts have matter.


Good manners matter.


Everybody matters.


Our main goal in life is to communicate.


Repeat positive affirmations.



World peace begins with you.









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