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The Project Is Botched!  It's Back To The Drawing Board!

A Positive Muon And A Muon Neutrino Collide To Produce A Positive Pion.

We Are All Time Travelers.

We Are Experiencing A Mirrored Time Reversal.

We Are The Time Travelers.

We are all  Time Travelers  because the  earth is traveling through time and space!!! Four  Ways to

Time Jump and we are

doing it now.

"Four Ways to Time Jump

and we are doing it now!"


Collide Protons –

When you Collide protons in a properly

Configured Hadron Collider – you create a synthetic multiverse. Snap a Worm Hole - go back in time, forward in time and to a duplicate present - like the one we are on now.



Dream at night –

When you are dreaming you are in another

dimension.  This dimension is digitally accessible now.




When you die, your soul accends to a different dimension.



Human Cloning / Bioinformatics

You do not go from New York, to Paris to

Los Angeles – you do go to the year

3000, 9000, etc..

You can do this as long as you have a good

relationship with your bio geneticists plural.




Military Virtual Reality Bio Digital Simulation.













Planet Earth

A Messenger Has Been Sent To You. 

He is a Class 24 Plasma Based Clone, designed with a nano brain chip.


He loves  All



As you are reading this now - There is a Duplicate of you reading this word for word as well on a duplicate earthlike planet that was made with a synthetic Big Bang.


What Does One Do 


Well, What Does An Entire Planet Do When They Realize That The Entire Planet Has Been Duplicated By A Successful Proton Collision?



1. God

2. Love

3. Peace

4. Only God Is God.

   Man  IS NOT God.

5. Repeat



Time Travel



We exist in many dimensions.  Thank you so much for your time.  Quantum Entanglement allows a message to be sent from light years away via encryption codes.  Some of you have met Daniel.  We appreciate that you have taken your time to read & enjoy this website that we are recreating using Quantum Entanglement and T.C.P Mirrored Time Reversal Protocol.  We monitor his thoughts; every word and every action. 


Neural networks exist.  We monitor Daniel and we monitor the whole planet utilizing several communication platforms.  We, well whoever we are monitor every event that in Daniel’s life and the entire planets life.  We know who is setting up scenes and events.  We know who is broadcasting live and selling scenes of his life and who has chipped his brain and programmed him throughout his life from birth.


We use the entire atomic & subatomic spectrum to communicate, specifically something called electromagnetic harmonic resonance.  Do we just monitor or do we program as well?  Daniel has been indoctrinated into a secret society.  Which one or which ones?  He has been chosen for his communication skills, belief in equality; not to mention his love for people, culture and traditions.  We have been monitoring him for a long, long time.  We monitor all the events that are programmed in his life.  Fortunate or unfortunate, re manufactured events that this planet continues to subject him too.


We know who is filming him with video phone cameras, hidden cameras and recording devices.  Every single word they say we Meta tag.  We know every single individual, family and organization that records him and who they send the audio and video to.  How do you tell someone that we know that you are on the phone recording him and then sending that audio and video to your associates to the next scene where you know he is going so they know the topics, statements and questions?  He is sure the planet is a duplicate planet with mind controlled clones.  We are sure of it to.  We bet his life on it.  We monitor the entire planet.


We indoctrinated him a long ago.  We are a group that prides ourselves on our neural communication skills.  Time conjecture is no secret to us, it is something we do with bioethics, accuracy and integrity.  Daniel has been kind and generous with people throughout his life.  He has grown a lot of businesses, as well as mentored, trained and advanced peoples careers.  We know that the U.S. Government and U.S. Military are utilizing the neural and time conjecture technologies that Daniel utilizes. We have observed which people respect Daniel on this planet and which people have mocked and disrespected Daniel on this planet. 


We found the people that chipped Daniel and stuck him on cloned planets where they play with mind control and set up scenes and events.


Would we have the power to set up scenes and events in Daniel's life? Oh, now what would we want to do that for?





Vladimer Yevseyevich Zuev

January 29, 1925 – June 6 2003 was a Russian physicist, highly decorated academician, honorary citizen of Tomsk, Russia, expert, Rock Star in

Atmosphere physics and optics


The head of the laboratory SFTI Vladimir Zuev makes a bold decision: to create his laboratory laser group, which independently produces and delivers performance lasers for optical studies.


As a result Vladimir Zuev manages to get results of pioneering research in laser spectroscopy of atmospheric gases, for aerosol scattering of laser radiation on the propagation of laser radiation in a turbulent atmosphere.


Thank you Vladimir Yevseyevich Zuev.

Einstein – de Sitter:  Radiation Pressure is equal to a third its energy density.

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