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The year is 2022. 

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Mossad & David Barnea


Would you agree that NOW is the time for the Israeli Government and its agencies to sit me down with the Neuroscience technologies that the Israelis from the United States and their associates are abusing my life

with day after day?

Mossad don't you feel that I have endured enough torture?

David, why is it that the US Military and all it's agencies allow, condone, support the abuse of this advanced neuroscience to be inflicted on me and other US citizens and Foreign citizens?

What is Mossad's policy on the use and abuse of Voice to skull equipment, and advanced neuroscience 

technologies to target foreign citizens along with Israeli Cointel pro tactics and ruin their lives?

David Barnea. What are Mossad's ROE Rules of Engagement when it comes to using and

abusing V2k Voice to Skull technologies advanced mind control neuroscience technologies on people?

What is the UN's policy on electronic harassment and advanced neuroscience technologies,

voice 2 skull technologies to mind control people and ruin lives?

David Barnea would you agree that now is the time for your organization to sit me down with the

film through your eyes Voice to skull technologies Optogentics and Magnetogenetics that these Israelis and their associates are using to abuse my life and the lives of others with and pay me for the torture that I endure?

David Barnea what exactly would you do if someone used advanced neuroscience technologies

to abuse your life, your entire nation and your children?​

What would you do David?  Who would you call, text or email?

Who would you call David Barnea when your own children come to you and say,

"Daddy, there's something in my head screaming at me telling me that they ARE FILMING 


What would you do David?  Who would you call?  Where would you go?

What would you do if you were hearing these complaints from your own children day after day after day?

What would you do if you realized that someone was filming through your eyes right now and selling

that content as pornography for 4-7 dollars per scene on the underground?

What if you didn't realize it?

What if members of Mossad realized it.  I mean just Mossad Member after Mossad Member after Secret Society Member after Mossad member kept emailing SMS Calling you day after day saying, David this is

out of control; there is some advanced neuroscience technology in my brain, abusing my mind

and Filming through my eyes?  What would you do David?  

David Barnea can you please address this?

If one country's military has Voice to skull V2k technology that can mimic the targeted human's internal voice,

film through their eyes and another country does Not have this technology, then what happens when several governments military's have this technology and have found a particular country abusing innocent 

United States citizens and Foreign citizens brains and destroying people’s lives with these technologies?​

I think Alex Karp & the Pentagon would find your answers to those questions and your response to this matter

valuable data.


Mike says hello.




You Do Not Discover Time Travel.

Time Travel Discovers You.

It Is Discovering You Today.




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Someone has successfully collided

protons in a properly configured

Hadron Collider and we are now

in a bio digital multiverse.


You have been multiplied.


This is the website where Time Jumpers

and Digital Humans go to check in and check out the

time jump technology, music, neural implants,

fashion and quantum culture.


When a proton collision is manufactured

you create Higgs Bosons and in the

proper thermal nuclear arena stars and gas                  

go out.


Which stars? All of them. 

Which gas? Radon gas.


Galaxies far, far away that we

have not yet discovered, have discovered



It was not easy to get here.


This is a nucleus planet, one that

broadcasts events to any planet

Within this Matrix / Thermal Nuclear

Bio Digital Arena.


You are important to this Universal Design

physically, mentally, sub-atomically, infinitely,

elegantly and exquisitely.


You have been customized.

You can hear the brain chip confession

on the Digital Humans page on this 


While you are reading this, there is a duplicate of you on an earth like planet reading this.


We are in the Matrix – a thermal nuclear

multiverse.  We are inside of a military grade

thermal nuclear radon gas experiment

located on a duplicate planet set for present



Welcome to Time Jump World.

You are on it.

You are in it.


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Welcome to the first class cabin.


So good to have you with us.








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